Wastra Indonesia operates as a small social entrepreneur, providing global access to unique pieces of handmade Indonesian textiles. The textiles are produced using traditional processes; where our ikat textiles are produced using back-strap looms and our batik textiles are produced using hand-drawn & hand stamp processes. Most of our textiles offered in our store are textiles acquired during our visits to the weavers and the Batik artisans. The aim of our online shops is to enable us to provide marketing support to the weavers and the batik artisans we currently support.  

Wastra Indonesia builds strong bonds with the artisans, promoting decent work and business ethics. We work in partnership with Connect Indonesia, The Charity (www.connectindonesia.org), where we develop grassroots projects to support sustainable productions of these handmade textiles.

We are currently in the process of developing several ways to purchase our textiles online. We will be selling some of our collections online via this website and a good percentage of our proceeds will go to help Connect Indonesia, The Charity to sustain its ongoing community grassroots projects.