Love is not without sacrifices – our display at the wet and rainy Nottingham Festival, England, June 2014

I barely recovered from the exhaustion of the long drive to and back from Nottingham, but its kind of nice to sit outside today with

Meeting Alfonsa Horeng, a devoted weaver from Flores

I met Alfonsa Horeng for the 1st time in Cyberspace, via an online weaving community in Facebook.  She regularly posted her weaving activities and her

Dr Sandra Niessen and her love for Ulos Ulos Batak

I met Dr Sandra Niessen on Facebook a few years ago, and I have followed her stories about her love for Ulos Batak ever since.

Songket Tarutung is placing its name on the list of Indonesian traditional textiles regions.

Tarutung is large town located in the Northern region of Tapanuli, and the capital of North Tapanuli region.  Tarutung is one of the most active

Ulos Ragi Huting, a surprise gift from Torang Sitorus

I am truly grateful for the fast development of Internet technology, particularly the arrival of Facebook which has allowed me to connect with Ulos Batak