Welcome to Wastra Indonesia, London

The word “Wastra” derives from the old Sanskrit, an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism, now mostly used only for religious purposes); means traditional (hand-crafted) textile.

Indonesian textiles are buzzing with history, ritual, meaningful culture and exquisiteness and through Wastra Indonesia I invite you to connect directly to the people and communities that create these amazing textiles. I would like to invite you to explore deep into the heart of Indonesian Traditional Textiles communities and celebrate the intricacies of the processes involved in the making of these textiles.  

Through this website, I share information about my travels around textile regions of Indonesia, about workshops and Exhibitions I organise in the UK and about Textile Tours I organise in Indonesia. 

Join me to celebrate the originality and creativity of Indonesian traditional textile artists, and appreciate the complexity of their work. 

Salam Wastra,
Nelly Andon







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