Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

The word “Wastra” derives from the old Sanskrit, an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism, now mostly used only for religious purposes); means traditional (hand-crafted) textile.

Wastra Indonesia aims to provide information on Indonesian traditional textiles to textile lovers and collectors, fashion designers, interior designers and crafters from around the world. We will do this by sharing our knowledge and experience in the field of Indonesian traditional textiles through our blogs, via our online video presentations, through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and seminars.

Wastra Indonesia also operates as a small social entrepreneur, providing global access to unique pieces of handmade Indonesian textiles. The textiles are produced using traditional processes using back-strap looms and our batik textiles are produced using hand-drawn & handstamp processes. Wastra Indonesia builds strong bonds with the artisans, creating good work and business ethics. Our Online shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WastraIndonesia

Our main objectives are:

  • To create a business that can help improve the lives of people, particularly those who crafted these textiles. Wastra Indonesia works very closely with artisans from around the archipelago, providing them access to global market opportunity to help them develop and sustain their home managed businesses.
  • To make some contribution towards the preservation of Indonesian textile culture
  • To promote education and to encourage the young generation to understand the cultural and market value of handmade Indonesian traditional textiles
  • To make some contribution to combat global warming and to preserve our planet. We do this by campaigning to preserve and encourage slow textile production using traditional such as back-strap loom and natural dye processes.

We also organise private textile tours to Indonesia, and workshops and talks about Indonesian textiles in the UK.  please contact us for more details.