I offer workshops & Talks about Indonesian Traditional Textiles, how they are made, the places where they are made, cultural significance related to the textiles and you can also learn how to make them.

Open discussions about Indonesian Handwoven Traditional Textiles: 

  • I offer talks to schools, colleges, universities and textile groups about Indonesian Traditional woven textiles (i.e. Ikat, Ulos, Songket), sharing with you some of the most and interesting stories behind the production of these amazing textiles from the past and present time. We will be inviting you to peek into the lives of the people who made these textiles and share with you the cultural values of these textiles in the lives of Indonesians in the past and at the present time. During these talks, I welcome any questions and feedback, allowing you to understand many elements of the textiles being discussed. 
  • The talks will be presented using visual presentations such as video & PowerPoint slides to enable you to see closely the real stories behind the textiles production.
  • During the talks, I will also be showing you some of the most amazing textile pieces created by amazing textiles artisans from many different regions of Indonesia, and invite you to understand some important stories related to these textiles.
  • I will also be providing some information on wastra (textile) related travels to Indonesia.

Open discussions about Indonesian Hand-drawn Batik:  

  • I offer talks to schools, colleges and universities and textile groups about Indonesian hand-drawn and hand-stamp Batik. During this talks, I invite you to look closely into the equipment and materials involved in the making of Indonesian hand-drawn batik (batik tulis) and hand-stamp batik. These will include:
    • Understanding Indonesian wax-resist dyeing techniques
    • Inviting you for close examination of the tools and materials used for Indonesian Batik wax-resist dyeing
    • Inviting you for close examination of several waxed textiles, presenting step by step stages of hand-drawn Batik
    • Inviting you for close examination of several batik stamps designs used in the making of hand-stamp Batik.
    • Inviting you for close examination of several designs of completed hand-made & hand-stamped Batik textiles from the island of Java & Madura.

Indonesian Batik Workshops:

  • HOT WAX BATIK WORKSHOP: I offer Batik making workshop (maximum of 10 participants at one given workshop). I welcome the group of mature adults and young adults (minimum age of 10 years old) or a combination of mature and young adults in the group. Batik workshop for young adults can only be arranged with full supervision of mature adults, due to health and safety issues, as Batik making involved the use of hot wax.

Please note, that some of these talks offered, free of charge, CONTACT ME to find out more. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FUTURE EVENTS. 

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