Solor is a small island in the Solor archipelago. on 27th-29th February 2020, Piter Ame of Yayasan PKBM Bensa Ema has invited us to visit several weaving villages around West Solor to learn about their ceremonial textiles, both old and new motifs. This photo was taken in the village of Bubua Tagamu, situated on the west coast of Solor. The village is located right by the water and is a fantastic spot to visit. We hope to invite you to visit this island very soon. The weaver’s group is currently rising back to produce amazing Solor ikat, and working on synthetic dyes, but they are gearing up to use natural dyes slowly. Well done Bubua Tagama weavers!! So proud of you.

I am truly proud to have been invited to get involved and to encourage the weavers to undertake a small project to develop natural dyes processes around Solor. We are truly proud of this trust, it is a real honour that a small collaborative social work without heavy bureaucracy will go along way. We believe in collaboration, trust, honesty and teamwork.

Come and visit Solor archipelago. Visit amazing villages, quiet beaches, beautiful food cooked by the weavers, walk in the forests, see some amazing textiles being woven, attend craft making such as this hat I am wearing. Have Solor home-made cornflake for breakfast and drink beautiful vegetable milk from Sorghum. Solor is a little forgotten paradise need to be explored. Join me on a cultural visit soon, a visit with a real culture experience. See you in Solor soon.

PS: The hat is also woven in Solor.

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