Indonesia has more than 17,000 inhabited islands with many different cultures, tribes and languages and a large number of these islands are textile-producing islands.  For over 30 years (since my high school years), I have journeyed many parts of this archipelago extensively and enjoyed local culture. I have mingled with villagers, journeyed off the beaten track routes, visited golden sandy beaches, walking along the vivid rice fields, jogging on the deserted beaches dotted along shores around the archipelago, bike riding around the shore of Lake Toba, watching the sunrise from the top of the Borobudur temple, stood on the rim of Krakatoa volcano, and list for me is endless.  I have had the time of my life and I would like to share these amazing experiences with you by taking you to see these gorgeous destinations for yourself. 

From 2020, I am offering several places to a group of Indonesian culture and textile enthusiasts to join me on carefully curated travel itineraries to many parts of Indonesia. These itineraries are designed for culture explorers who wish to experience life within the Indonesian culture with a desire to become part of the culture we are visiting. Allowing yourself to become part of the local culture, will give you a truly memorable experience, and I will ensure that travelling with me, you have the opportunity to be part of our communities. 

To enable me to give you that amazing travel experience, I will be working collaboratively with local reputable tour operators in Indonesia to help me provide all the necessary tools and equipment (such as finding the right vehicles during the explorations, the right diving/snorkelling equipment, boats, some local hotels, booking restaurants, etc) to make our trips smooth, comfortable and memorable. 

Indonesia is a very large country made up of thousands of islands big and small, and it will be truly impossible to explore this country in one single visit. I will be offering you several unique travel packages to explore many parts of Indonesia to choose from, where I will be your travel companion/guide from start to finish. 

I love a great journey and memorable adventure, and If you would like to make a memorable journey to Indonesia with me contact me to find out more, please contact me for more details.

See you soon, 



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