Time passes
Feelings changed
Friends leaves
One day the memories might fade
…but my heart will never forget!!


I woke up really early on the morning of the 3rd of March 2020. I had a bit of sore throat, didn’t sleep well the night before. We hurried to the dining room of the Nuhanera Lodge, where we stayed for 2 nights in Lembata.

Our bags were all packed, headed to the car and off we went. There was no traffic jam in Lembata, but I think we were cutting too fine this time. As we thought we were safe, we faced with some kids blocking the main road, they were performing school Monday morning assembly, so we had to find an alternative route. Tony’s car was a rather big American truck, but he managed to wade through small alleyways, and back to the main road eventually.

We got to Lewoleaba Port just on time, or shall I say in the nick of time. We were so lucky that the captain and his team have invited us to hang around with them, I really wanted to find out about the crossing, etc.

Please watch the video below, to show you how beautiful the journey from Lembata to Larantuka by the fast boat. So much to see, so beautiful!!

Come to Indonesia, visit the land of the Lamaholot people.

See you in Paradise
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