For years, the Earth was begging for us to behave ourselves, just a little. It gave us loads of signs of unhappiness but showing extreme signs, but we “HUMAN” is far too greedy and arrogant, and we just kept on destroying the planet.

Many believers believe, an event the current disaster with Coronavirus epidemic could be the result of mutations of viruses, as a result of reactions to horrible things on the face of this planet, nobody knows at this stage, and I don’t want to pretend to lecture about things I don’t know for sure. Deep in my mind, I do believe some part of it. COVID-19 was born for a reason?

Meet the beautiful weavers from Palue Village in Flores, who have the opportunity to do some collaborative work with them, to make a small contribution to plant natural dye trees and bushes, to help the weavers to sustain natural dye processes for now and the future.

Palue weavers have a very special place in my heart. The weavers in Kampung Palue (the one we visited) are migrants from the small Palue island, where the Gunung Api Rokatenda, is still very active. There had been several large explosions in the past decades, and the last one was on Saturday, 2nd February 2013. The Palue people have strong believed that whatever happened on the island, they must stay to look after the island and the remains of their ancestors in their graves. However, many of the explosions were far too horrendous, and the NTT government had to evacuate a lot of people to the Flores mainland. A special village was created for them here, and in this village, the weavers continue to weave and practice their culture and believes.

I am truly grateful that Tony Lebuan of Wisata Lembata, a good friend who has helped bridge our charity work to the weavers Eastern Flores, Adonara & Lembata. Tony has managed to distribute glasses from Connect Indonesia, The Charity (the small charity I manage working collaboratively with a handful of dedicated volunteers). I am also very grateful to Susi Koopman, the owner of Pantai Paris Homestay in Flores, who had very kindly arranged a meeting with the weavers that evening.

This visit has given me more excitement, to continue campaigning, to reduce fast production of unnecessary fashion and textiles and to work collaboratively with people with great minds and dreams to turn this planet back to the condition it should be. Join us, we need you.

Our sincere gratitude to Eben (Mr Benyamin), Hendro Rodriques, Peter Ame Kewaren of PKBM Bensa Ema, Permatawati Santi, who also joined us to celebrate the beauty of Palue Textiles.

God bless Palue Weavers, in Palue island and in Kampung Palue.

Salam Wastra Indonesia,

Nelly N Andon (Br Torus)

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