Looking back at my visit to Alor in 2016, really, it was too short. We were there only for 2 days, one of which spent with a weavers’ group near Kalabahi, learning about Alor’s natural dye processes. Luckily, we were able to spend the rest of our stay to explore some lovely places, one of which Takpala Traditional Village. Being here without prior arrangement was great. We didn’t see any dances or special event, but that wasn’t what we were here for. As usual, when I visited a place, I was more interested to get close with the people, having a friendly conversation, trying to dig up as much needed information about their culture and tradition as possible. We managed to do just that and it was great.

The ladies at the village encouraged us to dress up in traditional Alor costumes for a bit of money, and we were more than happy to do that. I actually enjoyed it so much, and this is just one photo out of possibly hundreds that we captured from the village, as we were so thrilled to have had the opportunity. The ikat there were gorgeous!! We loved them.

After that visit in 2016, I have always wanted to go back, to visit more weaving villages and understand more about Alor and Setar ikat textiles and of course to see more amazing beaches, visit the museums, and swim in the clear blue water of the Alor archipelago.

I plan to go back soon, perhaps by boat and sailing around the archipelago a little and enjoy the islands for a few days, that would be the next plan. Do follow us, so that you can see our future update. Thank you.

Alor Ikat Sarong (Traditional Tube Skirt), made by weavers in Takpala Village in Alor island
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