WELCOME TO TANAH HUMBA, Looking back at some of the amazing time I had on Sumba island during my Sumba ikat exploration in 2019, where I met wonderful and amazing people and getting involved with Sumba textile processes, was truly priceless. I was photographed here with Tamu Rambu Margaretha, the wife of the last Ruler of Prailiu Kingdom, in Kamberra region of Waingapu, and she is happened to be the mother of one my lovely friends.

There are more amazing stories from my journey there that I would like to share with you. Rambu Margaretha and her family are truly kind and gentle people. Very open, liberal and very welcoming.

On this photo, I am wearing a beautiful HInggi ikat scarf woven and design by my good friend, Kornelis Ndapakamang and was given to me as a gift. Rambu Margaretha is wearing an exquisite Pahikung Sarong, possibly woven here by her weavers in the village.

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