This is my 3rd video of Natural Dye Experiment that I would like to share with you our fellow natural dye enthusiasts. Out of so many experiments, this grape leaves experiments is one of my favourite colours. The gentle soft lemony yellow, it is so sexy, I can imagine it looking really gorgeous use on bridal outfits.

Imagine for dyers who live in grape-producing countries, you will be able to salvage cuttings from the vineyards farms during the pruning season, and turn them into gorgeous dye bath for your yarns and textiles.

By experimenting with so many different materials available around me, I become so confident and positive that we can reduce the use of the chemical in dyeing our clothes. Imagine, if everyone creates their own natural dye garden and share some of the harvests with other dyers. Yes, we can.
I hope to experiments with varieties of mordants soon, and I will share these findings with you all.

Nelly A Andon
For Wastra Indonesia, London

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