This beautiful room divider is made from varieties of handwoven East Sumba ikat textiles with Hinggi motifs. Hinggi designs involved ikat processes (tie resist dye process), where the yarns are designed with desired motifs then tied to prevent unwanted dies to penetrate through the protected area.

The textiles laid on the stool are East Sumba handwoven textiles with Pahikung designs. This process does not involve ikat (tie-dye). It is created using the supplementary warp processes, similar to the weaving processes used in some part of Central Timor, Western Flores, North Sumatra, Sulawesi, Palembang, Lombok and many other parts of Indonesia. The supplementary weft processes often called Songket/Songke.

Indonesian Sumba handwoven Ikat textiles Beautiful, Elegant and Irresistible. Whilst many Indonesians prefer to turn gorgeous textiles such as these gems, into fashion apparels and accessories, I think they are so much more amazing and elegant to be used as home decor and accessories. They are truly magnificent displayed like this in their full glory.

Join me on my Indonesian Textile Explorations next year in 2020 and going forward, keeping fingers crossed, that we will be free from Covid-19 then.

Take good care of yourself and your family. Stay safe

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