LET’S SUPPORT SLOW TEXTILE PRODUCTION, AND HELP SAVE OUR PLANET. Keeping the textile production going is great, but equally important to keep the textile culture alive and to respect the environment along the journey.

Our involvement is not just about encouraging ikat production for economic development, but to encourage the weavers to produce true traditional textiles that represent their culture and to produce naturally dyed textiles so that we can keep our planet healthy and happy.

This photo was captured during our visit to Pamakayo, on the island of Solor in the Solor archipelago, in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia in May 2019 During this visit, we managed to distributed glasses to the weavers here.

There are so many amazing textiles the weavers here can produce. . Let’s give them the support and the encouragement they need.

My sincere gratitude to Yayasan Bensa Ema, managed by Piter Kewaren, who bridge us to the weavers here. Wishing them the best of luck to continue their weaving on the island.

Salam Wastra,
Nelly Andon Br Torus

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